How to keep loving others

When life gets tougher many of us go into “survival mode”. We are just trying to keep going. Under normal circumstances many of us are eager to listen and be compassionate and empathetic towards others. But as the struggle increases it gets harder to see beyond our immediate situation.

The needs of those around us are increasing as this pandemic continues and yet our ability to help seems to be diminishing.
We need to find help from somewhere for our sake and for the sake of others

When on earth, the compassion of Jesus never ran out. On the busiest of days he had time to stop and listen to those that nobody else would listen to. Even during his arrest and crucifixion he was able to show compassion and love towards others, including those that were hurting him.

We do not have enough compassion. But he does. We may turn in on ourselves under pressure. But he keeps looking to the needs of others.

Jesus’ love and compassion is freely available for us to receive for ourselves and this and equips us to be compassionate to others. The greater our need the more times we need to come asking him to fill us with love so that we have enough for ourselves and for others

Prayer: Lord, I am not coping at the moment. I lift before you my pain and ask for your healing. Lord, I’m struggling to look beyond my own needs please fill me with with and I can then seek to reach out in love to others. Amen.

Day 24 Advent Thanksgiving and Prayer

Here is a Thanksgiving for Christmas Eve

Day 24

Day 24 prayer
On Christmas Eve normally people would be very excited to see family and friends but for many this isn’t going to happen this year. So it is all the more important to be thankful so what we can be thankful for.

Pray today for those that are struggling to come to terms with this very different type of Christmas. Pray that more people than ever put Jesus right at the centre of Christmas and that some become Christians this day

Day 23 Advent Thanksgiving and Prayer

Here is today’s thanksgiving

Day 23

Today we are really grateful for the chance to give out bags of blessing to our community.

We are aware that these bags are only a drop in the Ocean of need and we pray for everyone who is facing economic challenges this Christmas as well as all those were isolated and in physical or emotional pain.

Day 22 Advent Thanksgiving and Prayer

Where is Mike with today’s Thanksgiving:

Day 22

Advent prayer diary Day 22
Today we give thanks for video calls and especially the way so many people have been able to connect with one another through zoom.
Today let us pray for those who aren’t able to connect with others through zoom or other means. Let us also pray for internet connections over the Christmas period. Let us especially pray for those who who are feeling lonely and isolated.

Day 20 Advent Thanksgiving and Prayer

Here is day 20 thanksgiving

Day 20

Today we give thanks for the gifts of those who program computers and make technology accessible so that we can connect with others.

Let us pray for the working of the internet over Christmas week so that people are able to connect. Pray for those who struggle with technology and those who have no access to technology. Despite the disappointments of yesterday’s announcements pray that the lonely are able to make some sort of connection over Christmas week.

Day 19 Advent Thanksgiving and Prayer

Here is today’s thanksgiving

Day 19

Advent prayer diary Day 19
Today we give thanks for meals. It is such a blessing to be able to stop, rest and enjoy meal.

Let us pray for those who worry where their next meal is coming from and those who currently find gathering at the meal table a stressful or upsetting experience and those who miss being able to gather with others.

Day 18 Advent Thanksgiving and Prayer

Here is today’s thanksgiving

Day 18

Advent prayer diary Day 18
Today we are giving thanks for the Christmas lights that we see all over our community. Just seeing them makes people feel a bit better. They are a sign of light shining at a dark time of year.

This year has been so very dark pray that the Christmas lights cause people to think about the true light that came into the world whose birth with celebrate on the 25th. The presence of light extinguishers the darkness. Let’s pray for those who find themselves in a very dark place at the moment. pray that the light of God’s love and presence through his Spirit and through his people reaches those in darkness over the next few weeks

Day 17 Advent Thanksgiving and Prayer

Here is today’s thanksgiving from Mike

Day 17

Advent prayer diary

Today we give grateful thanks for music. Many musicians have adapted and has performed online in some way or another. Yet many others are really struggling during covid as tours and gigs have had to be cancelled.

Please pray for musicians and artists that they have what they need to keep going. Please also pray for those who use music to provide therapy for those who are distressed and for those with dementia.