Welcome to my blog!

Welcome 1a

Welcome to my blog!  These are my thoughts about 21st century life in Doncaster as a person of faith. Regular postings reflect on how faith can make a positive impact on how we live life well today.  Many of my musings reflect the journey I am on as I seek to make sense of life.

I want to live life better and I hope you do too!

Feel free to comment on my postings online or have a chat with me in person at St Francis Church, West Bessacarr, Doncaster (http://www.francisofassisi.co.uk/ )

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11 Replies to “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. I’ve only just found your blog but probably because I don’t do a lot on the computer but I shall certainly continue to read them as what I have read so far has been very helpful and encouraging. Thank you.

  2. Hi Amanda
    Thanks for your question. I turned to faith at the age of 21 after I went to a funeral of a good friend who was a Christian. I went into the funeral with a negative attitude towards Christians and probably as an agnostic verging on atheist. At the funeral the way that the Christians behaved and the way that they spoke about Jesus made me suddenly realise that it their faith worked for them and was absolutely real to them. After the funeral I began to investigate the faith, I read some books, thought about it and prayed a prayer “God if you are real, show me.” After bumping into Christians and them asking questions,and reading some more information I came to the point that I knew that it was real and needed to make some sort of response. So after I read about the significance of Jesus’ death, I said thank you to him, I said sorry for all the time I had ignored him and sorry for all the bad things I had ever done. I then asked him to come into my life as I wanted to live his way.

    This is my story, others are different…but if you ask God into your life he will come. It doesn’t mean life suddenly becomes easy but you will be given amazing strength and resources to cope with whatever life throws at you

    I will send you a brief email and if you want to pursue discussion and find out more I will send you some more info.

  3. Would I have to give up things be strict with my self an in the eyes of god is divorce seen as a sin as I’m a single mum of teenagers I’ve always been a giving person but nobody seems to give me anything even if it’s just a little time to sit an chat

  4. God is unbelievably loving and will welcome all who come to him. If you have a Bible ( or look online at Bible Gateway) and in Matthew, Mark Luke or John you can read about the way Jesus treated people who came to him. A particularly good illustration is the story Jesus told in Luke 15 about someone who had messed up in every possible way but was still welcome when he came back and said sorry. We have single mums and divorced people in our church and they are loved and accepted- God forgives and accepts and Churches do also. We work on the principle that people should be able to belong to a church community first. After a while we hope that belief and faith in God will come. Once belief comes changes begin to happen naturally as person receives God’s empowerment to live the life that they were designed to live.For example, recently a person in church allowed God into their life in a deeper way and they tell me that their temper and anger has dramatically reduced and their sense of calmness and patience and dramatically increased. It is true that the Christian faith does involve change but it is change for the better. The changes come at the right time and as God helps and guides. Becoming a Christian is about recognising just how much God loves you and when you recognise this it will be a delight to say to God I want you to be in charge.I have not regretted it for one day. (you can keep the questions and comments going on this site, or you can ask questions via email)

    1. I read the bible from a young age it fascinated me seeing Moses on that mountain fleeing from the devil an reading over an over bout Adam and Eve an the serpent an the following of the star I was encouraged as a child to read the bible but as years passes on I learnt that my original grandparent was not a kind man an my gran remarried which she hid not my loving second grandfather who I adored an was such a loving man this confuses me as I didn’t know my gran remarried till in my twenties we not supposed to divorce but sometimes the people that come in to our lives are really for the greater good an to test us I guess acceptance is a hard challenge

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